What Are the Consequences of Building Without a Permit in Florida?

When someone is caught constructing without a permit in Florida, they will be subject to a double permit fee. This fee is in addition to any other penalties that may be imposed by the state. It is important to note that the homeowner can be held accountable for the cost of the permits, as well as any modifications that need to be made to bring the remodel up to code. In Florida, sellers are legally obligated to reveal any work done on the home that was not authorized at the time of sale.

If this information is not disclosed, buyers have the right to take legal action and recover the cost of permits, changes, and legal fees. Permits are essential for guaranteeing that all work done on a home is done according to regulations and is safe for anyone who lives in it. Without a permit, there is no way of knowing if the work was done correctly or if it is safe. The consequences of building without a permit in Florida can be severe. Homeowners can face hefty fines, as well as potential legal action from buyers if they fail to disclose any unpermitted work.

In addition, any changes that need to be made to bring the remodel up to code can be costly. It is important for homeowners to understand the importance of obtaining permits before beginning any construction or remodeling project. Not only does it ensure that all work is done safely and according to regulations, but it also protects homeowners from potential legal action and costly fines.